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SMC BMC Design Award

The SMC BMC Design Award 2017 was focused on developing new ideas and product solutions for SMC and BMC in furniture and lighting.

Student teams from all over Europe sent in a large number of project proposals. These were reviewed in detail by the Jury, against the key selection criteria Creativity, End-user functionality, Feasibility in SMC BMC, Market-ability, and Minimum of 4 SMC BMC performance criteria used.

The Jury was very happy with the quality of the projects, and the capability of some of the teams to think out-of-the box. While some teams spent a lot of time on the design and manufacture-ability in SMC BMC, others emphasized more the consumer use and marketing aspects.

Meeting The jury with Henri Magnaud (Chairman), Matteo Cortesi, Joachim Froment, Esther den Houdt, Andrea and Thomas Wegman met on the 14th of June - in Brussels for dinner - for the 1st time before the deliberation of the jury to select the 3 winners of the Award 2017...

University Antwerp - Belgium

- Merlin Bauwens

- Elien Van Steen

- Sarah De Graaf - Alexandra Vermeir
A combination of bench, bike rack, trash can, info board for outdoor use as street furniture.


ESAD Porto - Portugal

- Ruben Silva

An innovative table with ice bucket for leisure use.

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Kuzo Composter

Kuzo Composter
University Antwerp - Belgium

- Toke Joos

- Ornella Torres Melkebeek

- Lana Lambrechts  

A modular composting bin and planter for kids.

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  • 4All
    University Antwerp - Belgium
    (Merlin Bauwens,Sarah De Graaf,Elien Van Steen,Alexandra Vermeir)

    Combination of different products: bench, bike rack, trash can, info board; Same design/ shape uniting products
  • Party furniture
    University Antwerp - Belgium
    (Juliette Broucke, Ruben Gryp, Cassandra Pysson, Tine Vande Verre)

    Modular system for chairs, bar
  • Kamiel chair
    University Antwerp - Belgium
    (Janne Roels)

    Chair that can be used from baby time through entire life
  • Cork
    ESAD Porto - Portugal
    (Ruben Silva)

    Table with ice bucket
  • Stativ
    University Antwerp - Belgium
    (Sylvie Verkinderen)

    Multi-functional bike storage
  • Aqua vase
    Design Academy Eindhoven - The Netherlands
    (David Roman Lieshout)

    Self-sufficient home gardening solution
  • Flora seat
    University Antwerp - Belgium
    (Sarah Goossens, Lucas Gueutal, Jente Verlaak, Brent Van camp)

    Seating solution with integration of plants
  • Kuzo Composter
    University Antwerp - Belgium
    (Toke Joos, Lana Lambrechts, Ornella Torres Melkebeek)

    Modular composting bin and planter for kids
  • Play with the furniture
    Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe - Germany
    (Yifan Hu)

    Children slide and balance
  • Gloo
    ESAD Matosinhos - Portugal
    (Aiste Bankauskaite)

    Seating solution

The SMC BMC DESIGN AWARD 2017 is the 1st international Design Competition, organized by the EUROPEAN ALLIANCE for SMC BMC recognizing and promoting design excellence across a wide array of industries and disciplines conducted annually by students Designers or Young professionals (less than 3 years of experience) using advanced materials in the sector of SMC and BMC.

The SMC BMC DESIGN AWARD are intended to reinforce that SMC and BMC are innovative, versatile, cost effective and safe materials, used in products that make significant beneficial contributions to individual consumers and society. Innovations entered into the SMC BMC DESIGN AWARD shall be judged by an independent panel of expert Jury.

The SMC BMC DESIGN AWARD offers entrants an opportunity to promote their SMC BMC related innovation. The SMC BMC DESIGN AWARD is designed to boost innovation by providing winners with support to fund research and development, marketing studies or collaboration with universities or research institutes to help bring their innovations to market.

The Award will present winning entries with a total amount of €10.000:

  • Gold Award (includes cash price from a total pay-out of €10.000)
  • Silver Award
  • Bronze Award