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Instrumented testing solutions for characterization of fiber-reinforced polymers for mobility application

Themes: Aerospace

Language: English

Fiber-reinforced polymers are highly suitable for use in the mobility industry to achieve the targets of energy efficiency. In this context, parts are exposed to quasi-static and cyclic loading under service conditions, which represents the need for sufficient characterization of the materials. In this study, testing procedures are shown for resource-efficient determination of the performance capability of glass-fiber-reinforced epoxy, which is currently used in nose cone applications, and polyurethane as an alternative matrix system. This implicates instrumented testing procedures by combining physically based measurement techniques and computed tomography for determination and comparison of fatigue behavior and damage propagation. The tests were carried out at elevated and low temperatures.

Frank Walther

Mr. Frank Walther


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Thursday, 08.11.2018

15:00 - 15:30



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