Innovation Areas


The topics of the focus days will be represented on the new Innovation Areas of COMPOSITES EUROPE 2017. Exhibitors present their products and innovations in the fields of automotive, building and construction or windenergy.

Discover exhibits of your application industry:

The automotive industry remains one of the most important growth and innovation drivers for the composites industry. In addition to the reduction of the cycle time, quality and sustainability aspects are also becoming more important. On top of that, it is necessary to improve process integration in order to save process steps in production.

One of the most important fields of application for composites is the building and construction industry due to its multiple types of application. Profiles and pipes, cable and light shafts as well as covers, formwork, bridge elements, railings and ladder systems, reinforcements or design elements for facades - GRP and CFK are used in numerous components.

Offshore expansion and onshore repowering ensure steady growth. Not only in Europe, but also in America and in Asia Pacific, an emerging wind energy sector is creating an increasing demand for fiber composites. Companies in the composites industry will continue to benefit from this.