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Lucintel (2018)

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Company presentation

Lucintel, the premier global management consulting and market research firm creates winning strategy for growth—whether you need to understand market dynamics, identify new opportunities, or increase your profitability. Lucintel team of trusted industry experts for materials and manufacturing industries have executed over hundreds of consulting projects for clients, ranging from small up to multinational companies such as 3M, Audi, BASF, Cytec, DSM, Eastman, GE, Huntsman, Momentive and Sumitomo. To learn how Lucintel can help focus your business development efforts with pragmatic solutions, watch a 3.5-minute short movie at www.lucintel.com/imovie/.

We offer a suite of consulting services such as Strategic Growth Consulting, Market Entry Strategy, M & A, Due Diligence, Capital Investment Analysis,Opportunity Screening, and Target Screening - that empower our clients to increase market share and profitability. For more than 15 years, our industry knowledge and expertise has helped thousands of clients develop winning strategies and realize competitive advantages. Whether researching new opportunities, or analyzing potential partners and acquisition targets, our solutions can help you gain speed, efficiency and insight to drive your company’s growth strategy.

At Lucintel, we’ve been creating hundreds of market intelligence reports related to growth opportunities in numerous industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Chemicals, Composites, Construction, and Energy for more than a decade. Each market research report delivers insight across a wide range of crucial factors such as market size, growth drivers, competitive landscape, trends, and forecasts. You can have these timely and insightful market reports at your fingertips literally in minutes.Our continuous networking with clients, suppliers, and competitors creates complete visibility across the entire value chain. Our proven interviewing and data collection techniques open access to vital, yet hard-to-find,market insights. 
Lucintel 360:
Hundreds of composite innovations and application data at your fingertips
We have launched the Innovation, Application, and Market Report Library to help you identify new opportunities in the composites industry. It is user friendly and accessible 24/7 through the internet from any location.Here is a brief overview of our various libraries:
• Application Library: Lists 1400+ composite applications in various industry segments with description, key requirements, growth drivers, challenges, market size, and more.
• Innovation Library: Lists 400+ emerging composite innovations in composite materials and applications. 
• Market Report Library: Lists 65+ market reports in the composites industry.
For a demo on the above library features, please visit http://360.lucintel.com/home.aspx  and click any library from the top menu. 
Lucintel’s online subscription service of innovations and applications frees up employees’ time for just $1 - $7 per day per user.