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OCSiAL Europe S.a.rl. Invitation request (2018)

1 Rue de la Poudrerie

L-3364 Leudelange,



+35 227 990 373





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Company presentation

OCSiAl, a hi-tech company, produces industrial-scale TUBALL graphene nanotubes – an advanced additive that improves the properties of base materials, including composites.

TUBALL nanotubes offer a great leap forward for materials technologies, with exceptional physical properties, nanometric dimensions, and chemical universality. When TUBALL nanotubes are added to composite materials, their properties, such as mechanical strength and electrical conductivity, improve dramatically. TUBALL nanotubes provide significant improvements with the addition of just 0.01%–0.1% by weight, a much smaller amount than is needed with conventional additives.

To facilitate the effective incorporation of TUBALL into materials, OCSiAl provides TUBALL MATRIX, a line of easy-to-use pre-dispersed concentrates of graphene nanotubes, that can be applied as reinforcing and conductive additives. These enable manufacturers to develop high-performance, conductive, strong, and lightweight composites.

OCSiAl’s graphene nanotube concentrates make for standard, clean manufacturing processes without the powder or dust usually associated withconventional additives. The extraordinary properties of graphene nanotubes are opening the door for composite manufacturers to be more competitive by producing next-generation materials with superior electrical conductivity and improved mechanical properties, while reducing costs by decreasing overall additive loading, material amount, and processing time.

OCSiAl has so far developed TUBALL MATRIX concentrates for epoxy, polyurethane, phenolic, polyester, vinylester, and acrylic-based formulations, as well as many more industrial composite applications.

Discover how you can design lightweight, strong, conductive and coloured composite materials with TUBALL graphene nanotubes!



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