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Booth 9E57

Aligned Vision (2019)

27 Industrial Ave

01824 Chelmsford, MA,

United States


+1 978 244 1166


+1 978 244 9288





Company presentation

Aligned Vision Extends Its Automated Fabrication Management Portfolio

Breakthrough technologies that extend automation into all aspects of fabrication guidance and inspection will be featured at the Aligned Vision Composites Europe booth. The company’s recently launch TARGETGUIDE automatic alignment system, which gives operators the freedom to ergonomically position and reposition tooling without ever having to steer manually to targets, is just one of numerous advancements that will be on display. “We continue to collaborate with our customers and invest heavily in research and development to add desired functionality to our products,” says Matt Zmijewski, Aligned Vision COO. “We recognize the importance of supporting both automated and manual fabrication efforts, and our innovations help to advance the quality and productivity of all our customers.”
Known for its pioneering work with its LASERGUIDE laser templating solution for composite layup, the company has also brought automatic inspection to composites fabrication. LASERVISION, which combines Aligned Vision’s best-in-class laser templating with automatic inspection technology, verifies (or flags) material position, fiber orientation and FOD, including peel ply FOD in bonding applications. LASERVISION is now enabled by Artificial Intelligence, employing Machine Learning for application development and providing Deep Learning data to smart manufacturing systems. These products can be integrated into any production work cell with Aligned Vision’s Software Development Kit (SDK). The company’s BUILDGUIDE system replaces paper travelers and work instructions with Android remotes, providing graphic step-by-step guidance for both layup and non-layup tasks. Aligned Vision solutions are benefiting aerospace, automotive, marine, wind energy and sporting goods customers.
At the booth, Aligned Vision engineers will be on hand to show attendees how they can gain:
Greater ergonomic efficiency with TARGETGUIDE automatic alignment, which allows your operator to move the tool without ever having to steer manually to targets.
Unprecedented inspection efficiency with LASERVISION automatic inspection and laser templating system – the only such system on the market.
Paperless process control with BUILDGUIDE, which puts an easy-to-follow, electronic recipe in the hand of each operator with a remote graphic device.
Best-in-class reliability and accuracy with LASERGUIDE, the foremost laser templating system in the industry.