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Stand 7C71

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co., Inc. Einladungsanfrage (2019)

Mitsubishi Building 5-2

100-8324 Tokyo,



+81 3328 3473 6




MITSUBISHI GAS CHEMICAL is one of the leading company manufactures polymer in Japan. We show SOLID LUBRICANT, epoxy hardeners (1,3-BAC / H-TMAn), thermoplastic polyimide (Therplim: reference exhibit) and polyamide (MX-nylon / LEXTER).

■The SOLID LUBRICANT for composites and titanium is made from water soluble resin. Customer benefits are 1) dry machining, 2) tool life extension and cost reduction, 3) improvement of productivity, cutting surface quality and hole accuracy, 4) less cutting dust scattering.

1) Dry machining
SOLID LUBRICANT is made from water-soluble resin, not oil. It has a significant lubrication performance. SOLID LUBRICANT is a dry process, solvent cleaning after machining is unnecessary.

2) Tool life extension and cost reduction
SOLID LUBRICANT reduces friction heat and wear of tools. It enables stable cutting surface temperature during machining for no heat shock and reduction in chipping of tools.

3) Improvement of productivity, cutting surface quality and hole accuracy
SOLID LUBRICANT gives a significant lubrication performance on tool during machining. It enables higher feed rate machining, improves cutting surface quality and hole accuracy.

4) Less cutting dust scattering.
SOLID LUBRICANT is low melting temperature. So, CFRP cutting dust scattering during machining is reduced for better working environment.

■1,3-BAC is a cycloaliphatic amine type epoxy hardener with low viscosity, rapid curing, and high Tg, for high performance automotive HP-RTM CFRP. 1,3-BAC has good no-yellowing feature, so is used for marble coating, flooring, sealing.

■H-TMAn is an acid anhydride type epoxy hardener with high Tg, good yellowing resistance. H-TMAn is used for CFRP, or LED encapsulant.

■Therplim (reference exhibit) is high total performance thermoplastic polyimide which has well-balanced Tg and Tm compared with super engineering plastic, and has both of high-strength, heat durability, excellent chemical resistance and easy formability.
Products:pellet, powder
Application; Gear/Gasket, Sliding Parts, Machine parts, Electronic Parts, Compounding, CFRP Matrix resin, film and sheet, etc.

■MX-nylon and LEXTER are polyamide resin for CFRTP. These CFRTP show high mechanical strength due to their lower moisture absorption.





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