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Partner und Verbände

14th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association
The EIHA Conference is established as the largest meeting of experts on industrial hemp in Europe and indeed worldwide! Specialists from all over the world will meet in order to exchange information regarding the latest developments in hemp applications for fibres, shivs, seeds and oil as well as cannabinoids. Applications are biocomposites in automotive and construction, textiles, food, food supplements and pharmaceuticals. We are expecting more than 300 international participants from more than 40 countries – we are looking forward to the biggest event on industrial hemp ever!
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Italian Composites Association
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At bio!CAR, experts from all segments touching on bio-based materials will present lectures on their latest developments. Among other materials, the portfolio will include conventional plastics filled or reinforced with sophisticated natural-fibre products as well as bio-based, so called “drop-in” bioplastics, such as castor oil-based polyamides or polyolefins from sugar cane-based bioethanol. Novel bioplastics such as PLA or PTT will also be featured, as will duromer resins from renewable resources and bio-based alternatives for rubber and elastomers.
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Biocomposites Conference Cologne (BCC)
7th Conference on Wood and Natural Fibre Composites 6 - 7 December 2017, Maternushaus, Cologne. The Seventh Biocomposites Conference, Cologne builds on successful previous conferences: in 2015 more than 230 participants and 20 exhibitors were represented. It will be the largest conference on Biocomposites this year: More than 250 participants and 30 exhibitors mainly from industries are expected!
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The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo
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CFK-Valley e.V.
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European Boating Industry
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European Pultrusion Technology Association
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Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung
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SMC BMC Alliance
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VKCN (Vereniging Kunststof Composieten Nederland) Dutch Composites Association
VKCN is the association for reinforced plastic industry in the Netherlands, which is dedicated to clustering the powers of the composites industry, facilitating and supporting member companies, promoting sensible applications for composites, promoting the industry’s interests to government bodies and other stakeholders and fostering knowledge transfer and information exchange. VKCN members include converters, producers, suppliers of raw materials and additives, engineering companies, research institutes and education centres. Over 100 members are representing approximately 45 per cent of the composite market. VKCN's main focus: Collaboration - Lobbying – Information - Education - Technology - Innovation
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