“Process live”

COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 with focus on manufacturing processes


Technology as an experience: with the new “Process live” format, processing and manufacturing processes will become the focus of COMPOSITES EUROPE in Stuttgart from 6 to 8 November. Joining forces in group exhibits, mechanical and plant engineering companies will showcase their technologies in live interactions that will serve to demonstrate sub-processes in a larger context. Automation will be the main attraction.

The industry is experiencing a shift toward fully automated production, which increases the requirements for the respective technology suppliers. “Our goal with the ‘Process live’ format is to summarise the process depth of the composites industry and illustrate individual steps in the production chain”, says Olaf Freier, event director of COMPOSITES EUROPE. “The more intense competition of materials has led processors in the process chain to cooperate more closely with each other. The new presentation area provides small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, with the opportunity to work together to present their services in even greater detail as part of the overall process and explain it to the trade visitors”, Freier adds.

Process area on cutting technology

Dedicated to automated cutting technology, the first “Process live” area will be realised by the cutting specialists Gunnar (Switzerland) in collaboration with the automation experts Airborne (Netherlands) and the gripping systems providers Schmalz (Germany). The process plant installed and making its global debut at the trade show comprises the automated steps, from efficiently nesting the cutting data, unrolling the material and placing it onto the cutting table to cutting and removing the cut piles to robots efficiently sorting and stacking everything in the shelving system. The challenge is the great variability of components. “We’ll show how our machines interact with each other efficiently as a single integrated system and how this combination can help to significantly lower material and process costs when product complexity, product volume and/or quality aspirations are present”, says Thomas Schwarz, Gunnar’s marketing director.