Guided Tour: Thermoplastic Composites: Materials, processes and applications

Airtech Europe Sarl

Airtech is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of vacuum bagging materials, composite tooling products and custom engineered solutions for the CFRP manufacturers.

Airtech product range includes all materials required for the manufacture of CFRP using vacuum bag techniques as wet lay-up, autoclave curing & resin infusion processes. Airtech supplies vacuum bagging films up to ultra-high temperature and very large width, release films, PS  tapes, peel plies, breathers, sealant tapes, connectors, hoses, rubber, tooling materials and resin infusion products. Business focus areas include aerospace, wind energy, marine, automotive, printed circuit board, solar energy and general FRP composites. Airtech has six locations strategically placed worldwide, all of our facilities offering technical assistance and are ready to meet the composite production challenges. Airtech is EN 9100:2009, ISO 9001:2008 and EN 14001:2015 certified.


During the guided tour, Airtech will make a live demonstration to present a complete vacuum bagging lay-up with innovative custom made auxiliary materials and combined Combo-Tech products used for Resin infusion and Prepreg processing in order to reduce labor times during the moulding process.

Auxiliary materials like vacuum films, perforated release films, laminated products, peel plies, resin flow meshes, sealant tapes and breathers developed for use in the marine and wind energy market and for big part manufacturing, will be highlighted during the demonstration.

Also Airtech will present Filmcote® 1524, a new innovative release film solution to replace liquid release agent in composites manufacturing processes and new auxiliary materials for ultra high temperature thermoplastic part production up to 400°C.


Coriolis Composites is a specialist in the implementation of composite manufacturing solutions. Coriolis Composites develops, builds and markets robotic cells for Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) using a standard 6-axis robot enabling the lay-up of continuous or discontinuous fibers, in all directions and on complex geometrical surfaces. Its product portfolio is enriched by two in-house software solutions (CATFiber (fully integrated into CATIA / DELMIA or SIEMENSNX) and CADFiber (standalone version)) to design parts using fiber placement and to program automated fiber placement cells. To complete their customer-oriented approach, Coriolis Composites offers services including its Composite Center (feasibility studies, performance validation, production ramp-up and design optimization) and comprehensive customer service (after-sales service, training, maintenance, spare parts and troubleshooting).

Coriolis develops and supplies automated solutions for the manufacturing of composite parts. Their objective is to enhance mechanical performance thanks to low costs and an energy-efficient, reliable technology that enables lay-up using a variety of composite materials. Based around this offer, the company has aggregated its robotics expertise which enables it to offer exclusive equipment designed and developed for the composites industry.

A precursor and holder of many patents in robotized material lay-up, Coriolis Composites is a key player in the composites industry: its robotic solutions are known for the implementation of thermoset and thermoplastic fibers as well as dry fibers for RTM preforms. A specific "three-in-one" unique in the world of composites.

The fiber placement machinery consists of a deposition head, a creel and a guide duct for feeding the fibers. The creel provides the necessary functions for unwinding the spools at high speed with low tension and enables swift and ergonomic loading of the spools. Flexible tubes feed each fiber individually from the creel to the deposition head to avoid any risk of twisting or damaging the fiber whilst maintaining low tension.

The innovating spirit and growing experience of its team has taken Coriolis Composites to the highest level of the state of the art. Located in Quéven, Brittany, France, Coriolis Composites mainly supplies the commercial aerospace, boat construction and wind turbine industries.


herone GmbH

Titel: High performance thermoplastic composites profiles in serial production

herone presents an efficient, automatable serial production process for structurally loaded carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFR-TP) profiles like geared drive shafts or struts utilizing organoTubes to manufacture high quality hollow profiles that are functionalized by an injection forming process. This so called hybrid moulding technology addresses a wide range of applications in aerospace, automotive or medical industry.

Technische Universität Dresden Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Steuerungstechnik

Title: Digitisation of production chains by means of Detact

Detact is the most comprehensive IoT dashboard for the digitisation and optimisation of process chains, including composites. Detact collects all relevant data of complex process chains and processes them in customized analysis and diagnostic apps for engineers and plant operators. Detact simplifies the user's work, reduces resource consumption, downtime, scrap and critical stress situations. Detact was developed by industry 4.0 start-up Symate, which was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of TU Dresden.

Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics

 Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics are innovative materials that offer not only fast manufacturing processes but also numerous product and processing advantages

Product Benefits              

  • High-performance mechanical properties
  • High temperature resistance
  • Low flammability, smoke and toxicity
  • Room temperature storage and shipping
  • High resistance against acids, alkalis and organic solvents
  • Compliant to Health, Safety and Environment requirements
  • Recyclable

Process Benefits             

  • Thermoformable (press forming)
  • Short cycle time
  • Large volume application
  • Automated process
  • Thermoplastic joining technologies

Teijin developed recycling solutions based on their Tenax® ThermoPlastic products.