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Booth 9/B36

altropol Kunststoff GmbH Invitation request (2018)

Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 9-13

23617 Stockelsdorf,

Germany, Schleswig-Holstein


+49 451 4 99 60 0


+49 451 4 99 60 20





Company presentation

 NEUKADUR Epoxy Resins

Epoxy resins stand out particularly for their high mechanical strength
combined with their good resistance to the most different media.
The application possibilities resulting therefrom are as manifold as
the products themselves. Altropol uses exclusively high-quality and
selected raw materials for the formulation of the ready-to-process
systems. Our offer includes products.
Gel coats • linked gel coats • laminating and multipurpose resins •
laminating pastes • paste applying systems • casting compounds •
glueing systems  • vacuum infusion resin systems

NEUKADUR Polyurethanes
The product group polyurethanes ranges from castable to pasty or
even injectable products. For several product groups, we developed
modular systems as for example MultiCast, ProtoCast, ProtoFlex,
ProtoRIM and ProtoAmid which offer you a great number of
individual combination and creation possibilities. We also deliver
materials tested for fire safety.
Casting resins (filled and unfilled, for hand or machine processing)
• fast-cast resins • casting compounds • elastic casting compounds
from Shore A 10 to Shore A 90 • vacuum casting resins • RIM resins
• glueing systems

Fantastic reproduction precision, high elasticity, easy processability
and very good releasing properties are only some of the outstanding
properties of Neukasil RTV silicones. They are the ideal mould
making material. We offer both condensation crosslinking and addition crosslinking systems ranging from the silicone gel to the tough-elastic rubber. Casting compounds (also those which can be made thixotropic) • coating and patching compounds • modelling materials • translucent and transparent systems • electric casting compounds • casting compounds complying with BfR (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment).

Pre-dispersed pigments for highest technical demands.
Our color pastes stand above all out for their extraordinary
strength of colour and brilliance. Offering an extensive standard
assortment, we also fulfill individual colour wishes of our customers.
AltroColor color pastes are among others available for the following
Polyurethane systems (of one component) • polyurethane systems
(of two components) • epoxy systems • polyurea- and polyaspartic systems

NEUKAPOL – Polyols
Neukapol-Polyols are raw materials for the polyurethane chemistry based
on renewable raw materials. 
Neukapol-Polyols stand out for their very high hydrophobicity and partially
excellent resistance to hydrolysis. They find a use in formulations for
the most different industries. Thereto belong 
industrial floor coatings, construction of sports complexes,
play and leisure facilities, decorative coatings and electrical casting
as well as metal protection and corrosion prevention, adhesives and
also the coating of rotor blades of modern wind power plants.



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