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Universität Siegen
Lehrstuhl für Umformtechnik (2018)

Breite Straße 11

57076 Siegen,

Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia


+49 2717 4044 04


+49 2717 4027 72





Company presentation

The Chair of Forming Technology at the University of Siegen collaborates with the Chair of Product Engineering as well as the Chair of Automotive Engineering.

The research focusses on forming techniques for lightweight design as bending and forming of fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites. In addition, the chair is working on the integration of elements of industry 4.0 to forming processes.

Owing to this research profile, the chair’s research fellows and technical associates support the development of lightweight construction in machinery and automotive engineering. This development bases on the use of profiles, hybrid materials and corresponding process technology for commercial use.

Using state-of-the-art simulation techniques, high-performance systems for large and small bending profiles and a prototype system for fiber reinforced thermoplastic forming, the chair conducts fundamental work for practical industrial use.

The close relationship to the industry induces innovations frequently and is a highly motivating factor for fundamental engineering research.

The body of experts which has been gathered at the chair under the slogan “Biegen in Siegen“ (“Bending in Siegen“) includes representatives of industry and research institutions and thus embodies the status quo of bending. Working areas encompass mechanical and process engineering, as well as the calculation of bending components.