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Booth 7A18

Trans-Textil GmbH Invitation request (2019)

Pommernstr. 11-13

83395 Freilassing,

Germany, Bavaria


+49 8654 6607 0


+49 8654 6607 10





Company presentation

Trans-Textil GmbH is a technology leader in the development and production of functional fabric systems for lightweight applications. It deploys a special proprietary dot bonding technique to form multi-ply fabric systems out of structured and auxiliary textiles, and has also developed partial- and full-surface coating methods that open up a wide range of options in individual product design. It also develops and produces semi-permeable membranes complemented by expertise in surface finishing and printing for synergistic effects. 
Trans-Textil is not only an Airbus general licensee and development partner, but also the exclusive manufacturer of membrane systems for use in the VAP® method. In this respect it offers a broad portfolio of air-permeable resin barriers for reliable procedures and impeccable results in various types of windpower, industrial and aviation applications. Trans-Textil also produces three-dimensional membrane systems for complete lay-ups shaped to the lines of complex and large-surface geometries. 
Trans-Textil's semipermeable membrane systems for use in VAP® technology and further fabrication processes act as a resin barrier for reliable degassing of the matrix material both during and after resin infusion. Thanks to the continual venting of trapped air and reaction gases enabled by its membrane systems, vacuum infiltration carried out according to the VAP® Vacuum Assisted Process can be used to produce high-quality components out of carbon fibre composites (CFC), glass-fibre reinforced polymers (GRP), aramid fibre-reinforced polymers (AFP) and other fibre-reinforced composites. The lightweight parts have no dry spots and are characterised by extremely low porosity as well as a precisely achievable fibre volume content. This reduces the number of rejects and the need for reworking, thus enhancing the cost-effectiveness of lightweight construction methods in serial production.
Trans-Textil's broad range of production technologies for lamination, coating, finishing and customised pattern-making predestine it for targeted product development work in collaboration with international partners. 



VAP® membrane systems from Trans-Textil and Composyst meet high environmental standards

Whether fuel savings in the mobility sector or the production of rotor blades for energy production from renewable sources - the environmental concept has...

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Whether fuel savings in the mobility sector or the production of rotor blades for energy production from renewable sources - the environmental concept has always been a key motivation in lightweight construction. Increasingly, component manufacturing itself, for example in the field of auxiliaries, is being questioned with regard to its life cycle assessment. With the certification of VAP® membrane systems, 3D ready-mades, multi-layer systems and flow media according to the latest criteria of the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, Trans-Textil GmbH and its partner Composyst GmbH once again demonstrate the high environmental standard of their vacuum infusion products.

The Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex is an international, independent testing and certification system for textile products. It certifies the human ecology safety as well as the conformity with all currently valid limit values in part far beyond the legal requirements.

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