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bio!CAR: Conference on Biobased Materials for Automotive Applications

05 September 2017

The amount of plastics in modern cars is constantly increasing. Plastics and composites help achieving light-weighting targets. Plastics offer enormous design opportunities. Plastics are important for the touch-and-feel and the safety of cars.

BUT: consumers, suppliers in the automotive industry and OEMs are more and more looking for biobased alternatives (made from renewable resources) to petroleum based materials. That‘s why bioplastics MAGAZINE is now organizing the second edition of bio!CAR: conference on biobased materials for the automotive industry.

On September 20 and 21 experts from all areas of biobased materials will present their latest developments in Stuttgart, Germany.

The scope of materials covered includes conventional plastics filled or reinforced with sophisticated woven and non-woven natural fibres, biobased, so-called "drop-in" plastics, such as polyamides based on castor oil. But also rather  "new" bioplastics such as PLA or isosorbide based Polycarbonate are covered, as well as thermoset resins from renewable resources and biobased alternatives for rubber and elastomers.

The conference takes place on occasion of COMPOSITES EUROPE 2017 on the Stuttgart Fairgrounds. From 19 to 21 September, 400 exhibitors will showcase the full range of fibre-reinforced plastics, from raw materials to processing methods to lightweight construction innovations in automotive engineering, aerospace, boatbuilding, wind energy and construction. 

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