World premiere - unbeatable 8 kg

05 November 2018

Unbeatable 8 kg - that's the weight of a new car seat whose concept will be presented in the Lightweight Technologies Forum at COMPOSITES EUROPE.

Presentation on 2.00 p.m. on Thursday, 8th November: Ultralight construction at the vehicle seat through consistent use of xFK in 3D and additive manufacturing, csi entwicklungstechnik GmbH

In the Lightweight Technologies Forum, information is presented on the subject of multi material lightweight construction and hybrid solutions. The development of lightweight material systems will go more on individual material groups and be an optimal configuration of different material components.

Combining an exhibition and a presentation forum, the event will serve as the cross-material interface between metal and fibre-reinforced composite technologies in structural components. In several application-focussed modules, experts will present their real-world experiences with issues revolving around material composites in the automotive, aerospace and architecture segments. Also on the agenda will be cross-industry thematic blocks emphasising manufacturing and production technologies such as the joining and combining of different materials.

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