Process Live: GUNNAR shows digital cutting process adapted to manufactory format

26 June 2019


The "Process Live" special area of the cutting specialist GUNNAR from Switzerland is aimed specifically at the DACH market region with its small and medium-sized companies. Together with the German laser projection expert LAP and the Swiss composites engineering specialist SCHEURER Swiss, GUNNAR presents a linked overall process that combines modern machines, software and specialized manual work.

The starting point of the process chain to be seen at this year's fair is the completely automated manufacturing process of sorted layer structures, which GUNNAR presented at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 together with its partners AIRBORN and SCHMALZ at a world premiere.

In 2019, this process-reliable automation concept will now be adapted to the manufactory concept - the production of small and medium-sized quantities with a certain amount of human resources. The focus of this adaptation is on compliance with the end customer's overall demand for process-reliable, sustainable and cost-optimized production of fiber composite components. With reduced investment costs, the core of the automation concept is kept in mind.

"We are showing an easy-to-install, process-reliable solution that enables companies to draw on as many existing resources as possible and thus operate the system presented flexibly and cost-effectively," says Thomas Schwarz, Marketing Director at Gunnar.

The core process includes a GUNNAR cutting machine combined with a dynamic laser projector from LAP. In addition, a clearing area with storage boxes is attached to the cutting table, into which cut components are pre-defined and stored. An integrated intelligent control takes over the overall control of cutting and laser-supported clearing and assigns the appropriate storage location. The entire process is operated by only one employee.

In addition, SCHEURER will demonstrate the peripheral upstream engineering process of 3D fiber composite data generation and 3D-2D layer processing. GUNNAR builds directly on the 2D layer development data from SCHEURER on the basis of optimally nested cutting data - material cost savings through the best possible utilization of the raw material.


GUNNAR AG, Booth 9B06


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