First presentation of the ultra-lightweight seat

02 May 2019

At the “Lightweight Technologies Forum” at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 it was presented for the first time as a virtual prototype. Now the innovative ultra-lightweight seat weighing only 10 kg has been officially presented to the public at the symposium "Step Change in Lightweight Construction" near Trier in Germany.

Lightweight construction and its applications in the aerospace, automotive and sports equipment industries were the focus of the symposium "Step Change in Lightweight Construction", which took place on 21 March near Trier in Germany. The symposium, organized by Automotive Management Cunsulting (AMC), focused on bionically inspired lightweight construction principles and highly developed additive manufacturing processes.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of an innovative ultra-lightweight seat that weighs less than 10 kg. The innovative joint project of a total of seven highly specialized companies from Germany and Austria shows how effective lightweight construction can and will look in the future.

An innovative winding process for fibre composite components designed by AMC is responsible for most of the weight savings. CSI Entwicklungstechnik made optimum use of its strengths in the design of the seat structure. This xFK in 3D process uses a continuous fiber impregnated with resin, from which components are wound in a load-compliant manner and produced waste-free. The seat concept for so-called hypercars, sports cars or future air taxis may be considered.

Technical feasibility study as a joint project

The feasibility study of the lightweight seat was developed in only seven months as a joint project of the initiators CSI Entwicklungstechnik, Alba Tooling & Engineering and AMC in cooperation with four other partners. The development not only required the latest technologies, but also faster working methods. The result is a hardware prototype for the interior of the future.

In addition to unveiling the lightweight seat, more than 60 participants from Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France and Italy discussed the new lightweight construction trends and key functions of lightweight construction between expert lectures.

With Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. h.c. Jörg Wellnitz from TH Ingolstadt, AIRBUS innovation manager Peter Pirklbauer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Milwich from DITF, Stefan Herrmann from csi entwicklungstechnik, Prof. Dr.-Ing.Hartmut Zoppke from Trier University of Applied Sciences, Michael Janz from Alba tooling & engineering, Olaf Freier from Reed Exhibitions, the trade fair organiser, AUTOMOBIL INDUSTRIE editor-in-chief Claus-Peter Köth and, last but not least, the ultra-distance bicycle world champion Pierre Bischoff made the lightweight construction symposium a unique event.

The participating companies presented their innovative developments in an exhibition area. CSI Entwicklungstechnik presented its "Caddy" as a work of art of 3D printing, Alba Tooling & Engineering various exhibits from the field of high-quality plastic components, nonwovens and foams, 3D-Core ultra-light panels from mould making technology, Gradel various xFK in 3D components and Lasso the corresponding design methodology and the Trier University of Applied Sciences various natural fibre applications from its research and development activities.


Further information on the symposium and the ultralight seat can be found in the article by the German trade magazine „Automobil Industrie“ / Symposium: „Step-Change im Leichtbau“ (German language).

Please find pictures of the presentation here [PDF / 2,4 mb]


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