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Laser Finishing of composites opens up efficiency potentials

The benefits of laser-based technologies include high flexibility and non-contact, wear-free finishing. In addition to this, the introduction of energy precisely tailored to the given application makes it possible to also finish materials sensitive to temperature. 

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Composites in boat and shipbuilding

Besides aviation, all the other sectors where GFRP and CFRP are deployed also require reliable tests for these specialised materials. The automotive industry, in particular, is tasked with qualifying testing processes that facilitate complete material characterisation and error tracing in a non-destructive and reasonably time- and cost-effective way.

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Together with Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH, Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH will be showing live demonstrations on the subject of hybrid lightweight construction - structural components with stability at COMPOSITES EUROPE. In our COMPOSITES EUROPE TV, services, innovations, exciting projects and outlooks on the highlights that visitors can already look forward to will be shown.

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Your preview of this year's COMPOSITES EUROPE

What innovations will the exhibitors be showing? What are the future trends? And which event at COMPOSITES EUROPE should you not miss?
You will find the answers in our » large trade fair overview.

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