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Experts expect machine manufacturers to generate crucial growth impulses for composites

The automotive industry, construction, aviation and wind power are the major customer industries for fibre composites, a sector where more and more mass-production applications can be found. By contrast, machine manufacturing as an application area for composite structures is still doomed to a shadowy existence.

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Composites industry benefits from booming wind power sector
More and more countries - even beyond the developed industrialised countries of the western hemisphere - are investing massively in the expansion of wind power plants. This not only benefits the market for GRP. Longer turbine blades and thus more powerful wind turbines will be possible in the future, primarily through the use of CFRP. While this holds a great deal of potential, the disproportionate increase in costs caused by CFRP still sets limits here. 

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matchmaking platform - plan your trade fair visit before the trade fair starts 

Successful planning, targeted contact finding and profitable networking at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 in Stuttgart. Use matchmaking - the free networking and meeting platform - before and during the fair.

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Premiere "Process live" at COMPOSITES EUROPE 

The new Process Live space at COMPOSITES EUROPE in Stuttgart will put a clear focus on processing and manufacturing. The aim: to turn innovative manufacturing processes in the composite industry into real, tangible experiences. The joint exhibition space will feature machinery and plant manufacturers showcasing their technologies in live interaction - and will include amongst others the Swiss cutting specialists GUNNAR. Thomas Schwarz, Marketing Director at GUNNAR, explains what's so special about their presentation.

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“Process live”: COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 with focus on manufacturing processes