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Fire Resistant, lighter weight, ease to produce, cost effective solutions for composites in building and construction 

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Improving safety by providing more time to egress a fire is becoming increasingly important in several industries from aerospace to rail, automotive and building and construction.  Recent fires in buildings in different parts of the world highlighted the need to increase safety and pushed authorities to increase performance requirements and extend existing fire safety regulations to additional building types and parts of buildings.  Phenolic resins are inherently fire resistant and offer the highest fire performance of all organic materials and are resist to high temperature without deformation or melting.

Hexion’s CELLOBOND™ phenolic resin combined with suitable PHENCAT™ and Resonance™ catalysts allow the production of composites via hand lay-up, vacuum infusion, vacuum-assisted RTM, RTM and pultrusion processes. The inherently fire resistant nature of CELLOBOND™ resin systems eliminates the need for additional fire retardant additives or intumescent gelcoats to achieve the highest fire properties, delivering fire safety and light weight components in a cost efficient manner. For the building and construction industry low viscosity Cellobond™ phenolic resins provide a good fit for honeycomb or insulating foam sandwich panels. Heat curing grades offer the possibility to manufacture pre-pregs for use when higher mechanical properties are required.

Since safe use and handling of raw materials is always a concern, Hexion has developed CELLOBOND ultra low formaldehyde emitting phenolic resins and phenolic gelcoats with free residual formaldehyde levels below 0.1%. This reduces concerns for formaldehyde emissions during the production of composite panels without compromising their durability of fire performance.

Sara Frattini

Mrs. Sara Frattini

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