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95 rue Denis Papin - ND Gravenchon

76330 Port Jerome Sur Seine,

France, Haute-Normandie


+33 235 315 780





Company presentation

DEHONDT COMPOSITES, a spin-off of Groupe Dehondt, develops, manufactures and markets a new generation of bio-sourced composite materials: from continuous roving in technical flax fibre to sandwich panels; in processes such as vacuum casting, thermocompression, fibre placement and pultrusion.
It is a European leader in the industrialization of semi-finished composite products targeting the markets of transport (land, sea and air), sports and recreation, construction and design.
Innovative “cleantech” solutions are bio-sourced reinforcements made from flax fibre that can be combined with thermoplastic resins. Their specific properties are: lightness, recyclability, VOC reduction and high acoustic, thermal and anti-vibration performance.
Business agility, responsiveness and permanent innovation enabling both standard and custom manufacturing, in accordance with customer specifications, with an approach based on circular economy and sustainable development.

The DEHONDT Group, a SME located in Normandy, world leader in the production of flax fibre, has been working in the field of flax cultivation for five generations, in France and internationally. Consistently innovative, the DEHONDT Group has become the world leader in long-fibre flax winding, for both the agricultural and industrial sectors. As the sole French manufacturer in its field, its know-how has been acknowledged by the Living Heritage Company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) and BPI Excellence labels.
Since 1953, the company has structured itself around the business activities of Engineering Departement, Mechanical Construction and Composite Materials.
As early as 2002, the Group diversified into flax fibre-based composites.
In 2010, with the range Flax Technic, it furthered its research and development to offer a range of eco-composite solutions, products and processes.
In September 2016, the DEHONDT Group created a spin-off: DEHONDT COMPOSITES, to bring its industrial progress in the field of eco-composites solutions. This spin-off ensures the continuity of the range of the Flax Technic products.
Know-how  Bio-sourced and hybrid impregnated products, organo sheets and sandwich panels
1. Transformation and marketing of a new generation of high-performance composite materials
a. Technical flax fibre-based, bio-sourced reinforcement and semi-finished products
b. Hybrid reinforcement and semi-finished products.
2. Tailor-made development services (all fibres: natural fibres, glass, carbon, basalt, etc.), pilot and pre-series manufacturing.

Two million Euro invested in 2016 and early 2017 in the establishment of a dedicated industrial site:
1. A building with a surface area of more than 1,000 m², with the following means of production:
2. Straw flax extraction line
3. Technical flax roving manufacture lines
4. Equipment for saturation-calendering for the industrial manufacture of pre-impregnated reinforcement, composite organo sheets and sandwich panels. This process, which is unique in France, enables the production of raw materials that are up to 2,200 mm in width, with continuous speeds of up to 10 m/min and heating temperatures of up to 220°C.
This industrial deployment is part of a Factory of the future approach aimed to meet the requirements of the Group’s industrial partners and their customers, both in terms of certification and automation. The company foresees the creation of 10 jobs over the next 3 years.