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Booth 7/E76


Via Sile n. 24

31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TV),

Italy, Veneto


+39 0423 497763


+39 0423 722874





Company presentation

Over twenty years of experience has resulted in our company occupying a lead market position in the field of italian cutting technology system/tooling – from sunscreen awnings, to automotive, composite materials, fiberglass, kevlar, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, upholstered furniture, technical fabrics and wherever innovative technology applied to cutting is required. We provide solutions for cutting composites materials, significantly reducing processing times and material waste. The spreading of fabric and material, the identification of the cutting part and automated and customized solutions, ensure greater precision and increase productivity, thereby reducing cutting room costs.The HI RAPTOR 2.5 machine has a unique ergonomic design and a rational compact construction. It is designed to provide maximum performance in single ply cutting operations on most materials, can be supplied as a single ply conveyor or single ply static. Innovative solutions as “quick release” system for easy and fast tool replacement, gives our system a wide flexibility of use. A wide range of cutting tools with electronic cutting depth control guaranties versatility. You can easily shift from one material to another with no machine stop; we provide the standard table with specific cutting tools. Robust construction and reliable movements of the head allow the achievement of high productivity and a high quality of cut. The specifically designed carpet of the single ply automatic cutting table increases the friction with the material and gives you energy savings up to 70 %. Avoiding the use of plastic film or paper to hold the material in place. HI RAPTOR has a very intuitive interface making everyday operations and checks easy. Making integration easier with most CAD-CAM solutions. Production drawings can be saved and stored directly on your local network. An automatic cutting system must be flexible and adaptable in operations management. Hi Raptor can lodge up to five different tools at the same time, making it extremely versatile and suitable for every type of application. All machines come with laser reference pointer and a pen slot for any type of pen or felt pen.