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MAKA Systems: We are at home where there is progress

15 September 2017

According to the motto: “We are at home where there is progress,” CNC specialist
MAKA Systems is presenting its comprehensive solution expertise for plastics and composite
applications in Stuttgart / Germany. As a representative of progress, the electric
sports car eRod is displayed on stand A 37 in hall 4. The thermoformed shell parts of
the car of the future are manufactured at MAKA‘s customer swissplast AG. With the
futuristically styled car creation, MAKA offers a visual highlight and - at the same time -
outlines its close relationship with the automotive industry. In this industry, but also in
other key industries like aerospace, MAKA presents fi rst-class references. A lot of other
plastics-processing companies using MAKA technology benefi t from the required top

The CNC specialist has brought some of its current projects to Stuttgart. From a sturdy
stand-alone centre to a fully automatic interconnected system in its MAKA 4.0 standard,
MAKA puts dozens of customised manufacturing concepts into practice every
year. MAKA is particularly attractive for its comprehensive expertise in machines, control
systems, tool systems and jig management. With six-sided machining without the need
for turning, camera-based precision machining or CNC integration of robotics, MAKA
also has a supply spectrum of technologies with high rationalisation potential. “We are
prepared for Stuttgart,” Managing Director Dr Jens Muckli says with confi dence before
the trade fair.


MAKA MK 7: Globally successful CNC all-rounder

The MK7 is an ideal entry-level machine for the CNC machining of smaller and medium-sized workpieces. The fully configured 5-axis machining centre is based on a proven concept: the combination of a rigid construction and a high-performance assembly. This permits excellent milling results with high driving dynamics and impressive repeat precision. The extending table is readily accessible to enable easy loading, cleaning and maintenance. Covered guideways protect against flying chips. The tandem table version provides maximum productivity. The machining of a range of different materials is supported by state-of-art peripherals. These include tool magazines with up to 20 slots, efficient extraction systems and optimum encapsulation of the machining area. Blowing and cooling nozzles prevent the build-up of excessive heat on the assembly. The latest control technology ensures easy integration into existing software solutions.


MAKA MM 7: The Perfect CNC solution for high demands

The five-axis free-standing portal machine is designed to meet high demands in CNC machining and offers plenty of workspace for medium to large dimensions. Tool changes can be made extremely quickly because the machine is equipped with a travelling tool magazine. The optional machine equipment with two assemblies ensures a high level of flexibility when necessary. The MM 7 displays its advantages in the tandem table version: parallel setup and machining permits non-stop production. In contrast, the coupling of the tables proves to be a clever solution especially for the machining of large components. The cooling of the machining assemblies with an MTB system ensures a long tool life. The latest control technology ensures easy integration of the MM 7 into existing software solutions.



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