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FX solution : Facilitator of reinforcement positioning

14 September 2017

FX is an adhesive solution which enables the positioning of Chomarat glass reinforcement products.

FX is a key function to ease the production of large parts with complex geometries in closed mould processes. It is well suited for markets like marine and transportation.

Thanks to an innovatory process, FX offers highly uniform placement, minimizing the risk of delamination and the mechanical performance is optimal. FX also facilitates the layup of parts, saving time and reducing the production costs.

FX emits no volatile organic compounds (VOC), so it contributes to better working conditions in user facilities.

The FX solution is available on CHOMARAT’s ranges of fabrics, multiaxials and core materials and the adhesive can be placed on a single side, or both.

Exhibitor: CHOMARAT Textiles Industries
Booth: 6/C26

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