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Booth 7/B04

Armacell Benelux S.C.S. Invitation request (2018)

Rue des Trois Entités, 9
Z.l. Les Plenesses

4890 Thimister-Clermont,



+32 8732 5070


+32 8732 5071





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Company presentation

ArmaForm Core are PET-based (polyethylene terephthalate) structural foam cores used in a wide range of composite sandwich applications ranging from wind turbine blades, train floors, building envelopes, truck bodies, boat hulls to radomes. With ArmaForm Core, we offer a structural foam core combining high strength with low weight, excellent fatigue and durability, superior temperature stability and excellent compatibility with all common resins and manufacturing methods.

ArmaForm Foil : extruded thin flexible PET sheets designed to provide a highly sustainable and improved alternative to cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) and polypropylene (XLPP) products in thermoforming applications. It can also be used in FRP sandwich structures where thin cores <5mm are required. ArmaForm Foil in combination with glass-polypropylene fabrics / felts or natural skins, is used in the automotive industry for door water shields and roof liners. With ArmaForm Foil, we offer a 100% recyclable and thermoformable PET Foil product with an outstanding service temperature range.

ArmaForm MC (MultiCore) is the response to the market’s demand for multiple core designs, combining different densities in one foam core to improve impact and point load resistance while keeping the weight at its minimum. Generally, it is designed to replace traditional Plywood-XPS and other multi-ply panels and can be used in a variety of applications such as load-bearing floor panels in lightweight trucks and trailers, side wall insulation panels in refrigerated trucks, in modular housing, pedestrian bridges, stage panels and much more.

ArmaForm Eco: Armacell is following the growing demand for high-performance insulating materials and offers with ArmaForm Eco a core foam that combines strength, stiffness and thermal insulation with process versatility and design flexibility, as well as outstanding sustainability. ArmaForm Eco is a suitable core for all kinds of prefabricated structural insulated panels in the building envelope and internal partitions. In addition to its long-term insulation and structural integrity, additional key benefits are its thermoformability into curved shape and its versatility with almost any type of finishing options.

ArmaShape is a PET-based particle foam for the manufacturing of ready-to-use 3D shaped parts on an industrial scale, combining high mechanical properties of structural foam cores with the advantages of particle foams. ArmaShape allows the production of lightweight and strong three-dimensional foam parts in any shape.

All our products are made by Armacell’s unique and patented r-PET technology: made from 100% recycled PET. Our unique PET foams represent a truly sustainable solution, enabling us and you to present a real “green” alternative to comparable materials in the market.

Armacell is the inventor of flexible foam for equipment insulation and a leading provider of engineered foams, we develop innovative and safe thermal, acoustic and mechanical solutions that create sustainable value for our customers. Armacell’s products significantly contribute to global energy efficiency making a difference around the world every day. With 3,000 employees and 27 production plants in 17 countries, the company operates two main businesses, Advanced Insulation and Engineered Foams. Armacell focuses on insulation materials for technical equipment, high-performance foams for high-tech and lightweight applications and next generation aerogel blanket technology.



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