Theme - and Countrypavilion

Enjoy Internationality!

Holland Pavillon COMPOSITES EUROPE Present your product in the Theme- and Countrypavilions of the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018. Enjoy internationality and get an overview over the Composites market of each country. Be part of this special meeting place!

Meet special visitorgroups in the Themepavilions on the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018. Use the quality and the exchange between exhibitor and visitor.

Theme pavilion

We also offer a full-service package which includes all the main stand components. We also take care of organising and carrying out the stand construction and fitting work for you. This reduces the level of resources required for organisational matters, freeing you up to make optimum use of your time at the event.


Also this year, the nova-Institut and the COMPOSITES EUROPE jointly offer a stand on the subject of "bio-based composites". There you will find all the composites with a reinforcement of natural fibers, wood or cellulose fibers, bio-based thermoplastics and thermosets as the matrix for glass and carbon fibers, and more.

Are you one of the pioneers, when "bio-based composites" are highlighted and presented separately? The pavilion is located centrally in the fiber area in Hall 7, booth A45.

Composites Germany Pavilion COMPOSITES EUROPE

Are you a member of Composites Germany (AVK, CCeV, CFK-Valley and VDMA)? Present yourself at the Composites Germany pavilion and use the synergies of this network for your business.

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JUI Gemeinschaftsstand COMPOSITES EUROPE Booth "Junger Innovativer Unternehmen". Special offer for german companies. Partner for Success. COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 as a partner to the international visibility. You enter the gate to the national and international Composites market at the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 in Stuttgart. Rent a fully equipped stand space and use the community area to face discussions with exhibitors and visitors.

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Lightweight Technologies Forum – Development of new target groups

In the new special area, the Lightweight Technologies Forum, information is presented on the subject of lightweight construction. The development of lightweight material systems will go more on individual material groups and be an optimal configuration of different material components. The special surface offers exhibitors the composites as well as other material sectors various forms of participation from the info counter to the own stand. The focus is on knowledge sharing and networking.

Lightweight Technologies Forum

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Country pavilion

Internationalität genießen!

Country pavilion of COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018

Germany is the strongest composites market in Europe and by far the largest producer of GRP in Europe, with an estimated production volume of 212 kt in 2015, compared to 108 kt in France for example. Be part of the Pavilion on the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 and exibit on the following Pavilions.

Why not exhibit with other companies from your country in one of our national pavilions? You will be supported by a national representative - speaking your own language, of course.

Special offer for belgian companies organised by de Ruijter Consultancy

Special offer for italien companies – reserve your space at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018!


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Special offer for UK companies – reserve your space at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018!

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Special offer for US companies. Make your exhibiting experience turnkey. Includes in the US Pavilion Package are the Space rent according to chosen stand size, individual catalogue and internet entry with your company logo, advertising material to invite your customers and many more features.

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