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Stand 7A49

Bercella S.R.L. (2019)

via Enzo Ferrari 10

43040 Varano de'Melegari,

Italien, Emilia Romagna


+39 0525 5368 0


+39 0525 5504 03




Since 20 years, Governmental and Private Organizations choose Bercella for designing and manufacturing their lightweight components.

The company is specialized in fabricating large and complex composite materials or Light Alloys, with manual and automated technologies. 

Rosetta and ExoMars are two of the most important missions Bercella has worked on.

The core business of Bercella is the fabrication of Large Composites and Lightweight Alloys structures for Aerospace and Defence.

The company is equipped with one of the largest European Autoclaves (almost 4 meters diameter), large CNCs for the fabrication of Tooling and Parts, and a Filament Winding machine for producing components up to 8 meters in lenght.  

The integration of these unique manufacturing capabilities with a best-in-class design service will help you in the research for a solid and reliable partner.