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OCSiAl: Light weight & strength, conductivity & colour in composites


To meet the demand for more lightweight and energy-efficient products, composite materials continually need to be made stronger. One of the most promising novel materials – single wall carbon nanotubes – is proving to be up to the challenge. The first-ever single wall carbon nanotube industrial concentrates and high-performance materials and end products containing these nanotubes will be presented by OCSiAl at its booth #C2/C41 at Composites Europe 2017.

The pre-eminence of OCSiAl’s TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes compared with conventional additives is related to their superior conductivity to weight ratio and their high temperature resistance, strength and flexibility. These nanotubes can be applied as both a reinforcement and a conductive additive, enabling manufacturers to develop the next generation of high-performance conductive, strong and lightweight composites. In contrast to conventional additives, TUBALL gains traction starting from just 0.01% of the total compound weight.

OCSiAl is helping to bring nanoaugmented materials into the mainstream by simplifying the utilisation of nanotubes. The company has developed TUBALL MATRIX, a line of easy-to-use pre-dispersed concentrates that are compatible with a wide range of industry-standard formulations. “There is a whole world of possibilities for TUBALL. On the one hand we have successfully commercialised concentrates that are already widely applied in a multitude of end products, on the other hand we are developing innovative products that will be able to bring the most challenging technical aspirations into life in the near future. For instance, at Composites Europe 2017 at our booth #C2/C41 we will be presenting TUBALL PAPER – a unique ultra-light, conductive and strong material that consists of more than 90% of nanotubes and that has the potential to revolutionise the aerospace and automotive industries”, comments Christoph Siara, OCSiAl Europe Sales and Marketing Director.

OCSiAl is leading the charge in increasing the transparency of the management and utilisation of single wall carbon nanotubes by constantly performing H&S research and by registering its single wall nanotubes in accordance with the EU’s REACH regulations. Currently OCSiAl holds 90% of the world’s single wall carbon nanotube market share with its 10 tonne annual production capacity. To meet the rapidly growing demand, OCSiAl is increasing its production capacity to 60 tonnes by 2018, and to 320 tonnes by 2020 along with the construction of the world's largest single wall carbon nanotube production facility in Luxembourg.

OCSiAl is a hi-tech company producing, on an industrial scale, TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes — an advanced additive that improves the properties of base materials. The dominance of nanotubes is related to their exceptional properties, for example: superior conductivity (being 5× lighter than copper), temperature resistance (up to 1000°C), strength (100× stronger than steel) and others. As little as 0.01% of TUBALL™ enables the use of less raw material while producing more high-performance end products. To simplify nanotube handling, OCSiAl provides TUBALL™ MATRIX, an off-the-shelf super-concentrate for increased conductivity, enhanced mechanical properties, vivid colours, and better yield and performance in elastomers, composites, coatings and batteries. The company holds 90% of the world’s single wall carbon nanotube market, with a 10 tonne production capacity that will increase to 60 tonnes by 2018. Headquartered in Luxembourg, it has footprints in the USA, Russia, Korea, China, Hong Kong and India.

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