COMPOSITES EUROPE 12th European Trade Fair and Forum for Composites, Technology and Applications
19–21 September 2017
Messe Stuttgart, Germany

Sponsoring & Advertising

360° Promotion Services

Set yourself apart from the competition and generate even more leads!

Attract the attention of our trade and private visitors in a targeted way to your business. We promote your sales message via our communication channels – before the show, during the show and throughout the year beyond the show.

Take advantage of our special offers NOW!

To boost your success at the trade fair we’re offering a range of advertising options designed to match your needs and your budget. We will be happy to advise you.

Online Advertising

Draw the visitors‘ attention to your company already before the show takes place. The online services will be online from now on until the website for 2018 will be launched. More tahn 130,000 people with about 798,000 page impressions visited the website of the last COMPOSITES EUROPE 2015.

Leaderboard Banner (homepage)

Leaderboard Banner Startseite

Use the largest banner on the COMPOSITES EUROPE website to convey your advertising message most effectively.

1,890.00 €
Max. 2 exhibitors | layout from exhibitor| 728 x 90 pixel | position on home page | animation possible
Tile Banner

Your logo is placed prominently on the home page in rotation with other exhibitors.

Marketing package visibility
224 x 224 pixel | exclusive bookable through marketing package visibility | logo presentation in rotation
Leaderboard Banner (categories) 

Leaderboard Content

A leaderboard banner puts you close to the website content and is sure to catch the eye of all visitors to the site.

859.00 €
Max. 2 exhibitors per category | layout from the exhibitor | 728 x 90 pixel | position above the content of the particular site | animation possible
Medium Rectangle Banner

Medium Rectangle Banner

Select your preferred section of the COMPOSITES EUROPE website for prominently displaying a small banner or your logo

439.00 €
Max. 2 exhibitors per category | layout from exhibitor | 300 x 250 pixel | animation possible
Wide Skyscraper Banner

Wide Skyscraper

Use your preferred category of the COMPOSITES EUROPE website to convey your advertising message prominently.

609.00 €
Max 2 exhibitors per category | layout from the exhibitor | position next to the content of the particular site | 120 x 600 pixel | animation possible
Package Ticketshop: Leaderboard banner, Wide Skyscraper Banner and eTicket advert

Banner im Ticketshop

Every visitor has to register for COMPOSITES EUROPE. 7,700 visitors registered online before the last COMPOSITES EUROPE in Stuttgart in 2015.

3,550.00 €
1 exhibitor | two banners | 728 x 90 pixel |Banner above the content of the site | 160 x 600 pixel | Banner next to the content of the site | eTicket advert 190 x 35mmm | only bookable through the ticketshop package 

Boost your presence in the trade fair app and place your banner

945.00 €
1 exhibitor | 480 x 100 pixel | in the mobile COMPOSITES EUROPE trade fair App
VIP-Gallery above the exhibitor list

VIP Galerie

The exhibitor list is the most frequently visited page of the COMPOSITES EUROPE website. A logo in the VIP Gallery is displayed on all pages of the exhibitor list.

Max. 4 exhibitors | layout from the exhibitor | 140 x 120 pixel
Invitation function in the exhibitor list


This function enables you to invite the visitors of the COMPOSITES EUROPE website as your potential customers. By placing the clearly visible icon in the exhibitor list your company gets additional visibility.

Raising your profile as an exhibitor

Aufwertung Aufwertung

Make it easier to find your company in the exhibitor list by inserting your logo and also display it in your exhibitor profile.

Logo in exhibitor list 
Logo in exhibitor profiel

Not limited | layout from the exhibitor | 160 x 160 pixel | also bookable as a package
Product presentation in the exhibitor profile


Expand your exhibitor profile with a product presentation and give the visitors an idea of what to expect. Therefor you only need to upload a picture and a description. You already have a product video? Then simply add a link.

109.00 € per product

Use the visitor e-newsletter of COMPOSITES EUROPE as a tool to spread your sales message or your logo to the visitor data base and establish a presence in advance.


415.00 €

Editorial and Logo in the Sidebar

385.00 €

The interactive floor plan is an important medium which visitors use when they are preparing their visit – show them right from the outset where they can find your stand.

Logo in the interactive floor plan

interaktiver Hallenplan
239.00 €
Layout from the exhibitor | 120 x 70 pixel | display depends on number of sales | logo permanently visible or in rotation with other logos in the own exhibition hall and the hall overview | Example 11
Banner in the interactive floor plan

interaktiver Hallenplan
970.00 €
1 exhibitor | layout from the exhibitor | 468 x 60 pixel | banner in all floor plans permanently visible | animation and link to a website or the exhibitor profile possible | Example 12

Visitor campaign NEW

We are pleased to provide you with individual visitor campaigns to your exhibition targets. Following you can find two examples for parts of a campaign.

We are offering you the possibility to advertise in our show preview including the show programm. The preview will be send out by post to over 85.000 contacts relevant to the Composites industry. Place your sales message here and reach this selected high quality contacts already prior to the show.

1/3 ad inside


We offer you exclusive advertorials and special newsletters reaching about 30,000 COMPOSITES EUROPE contacts. We will announce your message by a short introduction of your company in a newsletter. One week later we will send your message in a special-newsletter to the visitors. Present your latest products and make the visitors curious.

2,650.00 €
Max. 2 exhibitors

Visitor Advertising on-site


Be visible to the visitors and exhibitors alike. Lanyards are issued as ticket holders to everyone entering the fair.

1 exhibitor | layout and production by exhibitor | edition 13,000 pieces

3,750.00 €

Advert on the visitor badges

Benefit from freat visibility and place your advert on the visitor badges.

2,550.00 €

1 exhibitor | Layout by exhibitor 


The carrier bags provide maximum visibility among trade fair visitors - first at the fair itself and then afterwards, e.g. on shopping trips to the supermarket

Carrier bag incl. insert

1 exhibitor | production of the bag by the exhibitor | 15,000 pieces

Carrier bag inserts

Limited number of exhibitors possible | production of the insert by the exhibitor | 15,000 pieces | only bookable if the carrier bag option is sold

Present your flyers in the entrance area and get your message across to visitors as they are about to enter the fair

Max. 2 exhibitors | layout and production by the exhibitor
Promotion Team

Send a promotion team through the halls to distribute your flyers or other advertising materials to attract visitors to your stand. Exhibitor responsible for providing team. 

890.00 €
Max. 4 exhibitors | staff by the exhibitor (max. 2 people)

The catalogue is a comprehensive information medium for visitors and is used above all for reference afterwards; not only by the 10,000 expected visitors but also by the exhibiting companies and the press.


Eine ganze Seite
1 page 4c | 148 x 210 mm | layout from the exhibitor

1/2 Seite
½ page 4c | 148 x 105 mm | layout from the exhibitor

U2/ U3 | 148 x 210 mm | layout from the exhibitor

U4 | 148 x 210 mm | layout from the exhibitor
QR-Code in the show catalogue

We offer the opportunity to create a QR code which links to your exhibitor profile. This code will also be included in the show catalogue and you can use the QR code on your printed documents.

Bookmark in the catalogue

Looking for a creative medium for your marketing message? Why not use a bookmark in the catalogue?

1 exhibitor | layout by the exhibitor | incl. production and packaging 

The pocket floor plan, including the complete list of exhibitors and a graphic representation of the halls, is the most frequently used medium at the event itself by visitors, press representatives, conference participants and exhibitors.


Pocketfloor Plan
790.00 €
Max 2 exhibitor | layout from the exhibitor | 1/2 page | Ad on the back page

Logo in the relevant floor plan

Limited number of exhibitors per hall possible | layout from the exhibitor

Visitors will find exhibition guide plans containing details of all exhibitors at every hall entrance. Catch visitors attention by inserting your logo in the overview plan.

Limited number of exhibitors per hall possible | Logo 300 dpi

410.00 €

Banner on the guide plans on-site

Place your banner on-site and guide the visitors directly to your booth.

1 exhibitor | Layout by exhibitor

950.00 €

All visitors have to pass through the admission machines to scan their tickets. It is impossible to overlook your advertising message.

2,550.00 €
1 exhibitor | small area on the top 180 x 160 mm | area on the column 180 x 700 mm

The VIP-Lounge will be signposted with "Sponsored by..." - be present for the most important visitors.

1 exhibitor | Layout by exhibitor

3,900.00 €

On Site Specials

Catch the visitor's eyes by placing your graphics on the floor and lead visitors directly to your stand.

on request | 1 sqm | layout by exhibitor | limited number of exhibitors possible

450.00 €
Advertising on the mirrors

Place your advert on the mirrors in the washrooms.

on request | layout by exhibitor | limited number of exhibitors possible

450.00 €
Window poster

Welcome the visitors who enter from the Messepiazza or the Bosch parking garage by placing your welcoming banner on the glass facade of the entrance east.

3,200.00 €

With the videoaboard you can reach thousands of trade fair visitors on the trade show who arrive by train and airplane.

1,500.00 €

Supporting programme

Plan an active role in shaping the supporting programme of the COMPOSITES EUROPE! You can take part in the following elements of the programs: Product Demonstration Area or the COMPOSITES Forum.

  • Placement on the premium demonstration area spots directly next to the main aisle
  • one demo slot (30 minutes) at prime time at each of the 3 exhibition days
  • carpet
  • 1 table
  • partial use of a cabin close to the PDA
  • power supply and power usage included (230 V, 3kW)
  • support by a technician on the PDA
  • booth watch at night (from 6 p.m. 28 – 30 november 2016)
  • individual stand-up display as an additional eye-catcher on your booth
  • article about the PDA incl. your products and your company in our newsletters send to visitors and exhibitors
  • presentation of your company and your products on our website below our highlights in the category „programme“
  • Your logo and company name is also going tob e placed: on the pocket floor plan, in the show catalogue on our PDA programme page, on the PDA bill board, on our website below our highlights in the category “programme”, additionally you will find a PDA logo behind your company name in the alphabetical index of our show catalogue
If booked by 30th April 2017 1,900.00 €
If booked after the 30th April 2017 2,200.00 €

Exhibitors of COMPOSITES EUROPE are welcome to submit their papers for topic specific sessions in the COMPOSITES Forum and to sponsor the forum in order to add value to their show participation.

With a presentation in one of the specific sessions you will reach a target group that you might miss at your booth. You set yourself apart from your competitors by presenting your innovations, a specific product or a successful method to the interested audience for 20 minutes. You take advantage of all pre-show communications regarding the international promotion of the COMPOSITES Forum programme.

Participation without Sponsoring

One 20-minutes lecture slot during the theme sessions

If booked by 30th April 2017 450.00 €
If booked after the 30th April 2017 555.00 €

The lectures and presentations will be selected in the run-up to the fair in conjunction with the COMPOSITES EUROPE partners.