Armacell presents its ArmaFORM PET product range


Armacell will present its ArmaFORM® PET product range at the Composite Europe 2017 Expo in Stuttgart, Germany - September 19-21, Booth 6E20

Armacell’s portfolio includes PET Core (structural foam cores), PET Foil (flexible PET sheets), PET MultiCore (combining different densities) and PET Beads (particle foams for 3D shaped parts)


ArmaFORM® PET Core are PET-based (polyethylene terephthalate) structural foam cores offered in densities from 65 to 250 kg/m³ and thicknesses from 5 to 150 mm. PET Core is steadily substituting traditional materials such as Balsa, SAN or PVC in a wide range of composite sandwich applications ranging from wind turbine applications, train floors, building envelopes, truck bodies, boat hulls to radomes. With PET Core, we offer a structural foam core combining high strength with low weight, excellent fatigue and durability, superior temperature stability and excellent compatibility with all common resins and manufacturing methods.

ArmaFORM® PET Foil are thin flexible PET sheets available in various thicknesses up to 6 mm, in densities from 70 to 300 kg/m³ and tailor-made formulations in terms of stiffness and fire resistance. PET Foil provides a highly sustainable and improved alternative to cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) and polypropylene (XLPP) foil products for usage in thermoforming applications. Combined with glass-polypropylene fabrics/felts or natural skins, for example, it is used in the automotive industry for door water shields and roof liners. With PET Foil, we offer a 100% recyclable and thermo-formable PET Foil product with an outstanding temperature window.

ArmaFORM® PET MultiCore: PET MC is combining different densities in one foam core to improve impact and point load resistance and at the same time keeping the weight at its minimum. It offers a unique combination of properties, including better strength-to-weight ratio, higher impact and point load resistance. The use of higher density layers allows for superior screw retention without additional reinforcement. Generally, the PET MC grade is designed to replace traditional Plywood-XPS and other multi-ply panels, used in a variety of applications such as load-bearing floor panels in lightweight trucks and trailers, side wall insulation panels in refrigerated trucks, modular housing or accessible areas like scaffolding platforms, pedestrian bridges, and much more.

ArmaFORM® PET Beads are PET-based particle foams for the manufacturing of ready-to-use 3D shaped parts on an industrial scale. PET Beads combine the high mechanical properties of structural foam cores with the advantages of particle foams and allow us to offer lightweight and strong 3D foam parts which are producible in any shape. The innovative fusion technology of loose PET beads does not require further production steps like milling and avoids scrap. It is virtually a waste-free production.

Armacell is the only manufacturer worldwide making PET foams from 100% recycled PET materials, more precisely from recycled beverage bottles. In addition to its sustainable raw material base, ArmaFORM® PET is manufactured according to an energy and resource-optimized production process (no HFC / CFC blowing agents, halogen-free flame retardants ...). Made from 100% recycled PET and once again 100% recyclable after the use phase, ArmaFORM® PET represents a highly sustainable alternative to comparable materials in the market.  Our unique ‘green’ PET foams meet not only the stringent technical requirements for today‘s composite materials, but also supports us and our customers’ drive towards more sustainable solutions. 



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